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    Being arrested or investigated for a sexual crime is a very scary experience that typically results in very harsh, and even extreme, sentencing outcomes and lifetime consequences. Criminal defense attorneys who specialize in representing clients with these types of charges routinely recommend that their clients begin getting the help they need during the pre-trial phase of the case. It is important to demonstrate to the prosecutor’s office and to the court that you are taking the crime seriously and that you want and need help.

    A Psychosexual Evaluation is a specialized evaluation that typically assesses a person’s risk for recidivism (reoffending), their amenability to community supervision and treatment, and recommendations regarding sentencing and treatment.

    Parham Counseling, Inc. also provides specialized treatment for people who commit sexual crimes through the S.H.A.R.E. Program. S.H.A.R.E. stands for Sexual Health Awareness Rehabilitation Education and is a comprehensive and intensive treatment program designed to reduce the probability of future sexual offending.

    Here’s what some attorneys have to say about the services offered at Parham Counseling, Inc.:

    Robert is one of the best in the business. Time after time my clients have benefitted both personally from his efforts to counsel them, and in the court system as a result of his knowledge and reputation. It is rare that a counselor or evaluator does not come under serious scrutiny when their reports are put before a prosecutorial body. Robert’s reputation for objective analysis precedes him and never one time have I had a State Attorney or US Attorney review his findings and discard them.”

    Jason M. Mayberry / Mayberry Law Firm

    I have sent several of my clients to Robert Parham for counseling. Mr. Parham has always been readily available to answer all of my questions. Furthermore, he has done a tremendous job of guiding my clients to address their issues, which in turn has also proved beneficial to the disposition of their legal matters. I highly recommend Mr. Parham.”

    Marc F. Plotnick / Plotnick Law

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